Company Lux Morocco Tours:

Our Company is a Morocco-based travel agency that specializes in guided tours, travel packages and experiences for tourists visiting Morocco. The name “Lux Morocco Tours” suggests focusing on providing luxurious and high-end travel experiences.

Morocco Tours

Offered services:

Custom Tours: Lux Morocco Tours would offer tailor-made itineraries that meet the interests and preferences of their clients. These can include cultural visits, desert excursions, city explorations, etc.

Guided Experiences: Offers guided tours with knowledgeable and experienced local guides who can provide insight into Moroccan culture, history and traditions.

Luxury Accommodation: Given its name, Lux Morocco Tours may emphasize luxury accommodation, offering stays in high-end hotels, riads and luxury camps on desert trips.

Transportation: The agency would provide its clients with comfortable and well-maintained transportation options such as private vehicles or luxury coaches.

Culinary experiences: Morocco is known for its rich culinary heritage. We can provide culinary experiences, such as cooking classes or gourmet meals at local restaurants.

Morocco Tours

Special Interest Tours: We organize tours tailored to specific interests, such as photography, adventure activities, historical exploration, or ecotourism.

Desert Adventures: Given Morocco’s unique desert landscapes, the agency can offer desert experiences like camel treks, overnight stays in desert camps, and tours of iconic locations like the Sahara Desert.

Local cultural interaction: WE could organize interactions with local communities, artisans and cultural events to give travelers a better understanding of Moroccan life.

Multilingual guides: To respond to an international clientele, the agency can provide guides fluent in several languages.

Concierge services: They can offer concierge services, help with travel logistics, make recommendations, and handle any issues travelers might have during their trip.

Group and private tours: The agency could offer both group tours for social travellers and private tours for those looking for more personalized experiences.

Online presence:
A reputable agency like Lux Morocco Tours would have a professional website showcasing its services, itineraries and contact details. They may also have an active presence on social media platforms to share updates and engage with potential customers.